Signs o’ the Times #5: Twin Palms — Whittier, CA

Twin Palms -- Whittier, CA

This sign clearly represents a hybrid of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms… Or those two palms in the background.

The Oakridge Estate — Outtakes

Here are the outtakes from the now classic, mostly unseen, wandrlust exclusive video — The Oakridge Estate

H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop — El Paso, TX

H &H Car Wash and Coffee Shop

H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop embodies a such a stark juxtaposition of contradictory elements; It is a fairly squalid looking Car Wash — one that gives the impression that if you were to have your vehicle washed here, it would emerge dirtier than when it entered — as well as being a noted eatery of repute: Continue reading ‘H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop — El Paso, TX’

The “A Christmas Story” House — Cleveland, OH

Leg Lamp

We were supposed to be in Cleveland for a film festival, the Indie Gathering to be specific. A film I helped shoot, Mouth of Caddo , was in the festival so myself, along with one of the films producers and the director, decided to blow so money and take the pilgrimage to Cleveland. $1200 dollars and four days later it was very apparent that we caught a pretty bad case of debauchulism (a sickness derived from debauchery) coupled by the fact that we only graced the film festival with our presence for a combined hour and a half during our 4 day stay.

Instead, hungover and borderline unpleasant, we wandered into the colorful neighborhood of Treemont to visit the house featured in the film “A Christmas Story”.
Continue reading ‘The “A Christmas Story” House — Cleveland, OH’

The Wandrlustr & Valley Peaks Episodes 1 and 2

All right. I was feeling a bit pigeonholed by my material on here. I am a bit to specific on the precise nature of what I want this site to be. So to simplify, diversify, and stupefy I have created an addendum for Wandrlust; The Wandrlustr via tumblr. The link of which is located over in this region.

That being said the web series I am a co-person on, Valley Peaks, has finally launched after an inordinate amount of time. Episodes 1 and 2 are currently viewable on You Tube and our website Valley Peaks, tell your friends and enemies. Episode One can be viewed above but click the video and watch it on High Quality on the You Tube or our site. From now on new episodes of Valley Peaks will be announced and viewable from the The Wandrlustr, not Wandrlust. That is where you will find Episode Two.

I hope you enjoy the new editions to the Wandrlust family, find yourself.

“Valley Peaks” The Trailer — Hollywood, CA

Coming very soonish hopefully maybe.  Check it at the Valley Peaks website.